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Our church services are a dynamic blend of traditional hymns and contemporary music, creating a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere. We strive for a balance of reverence and joy, aiming to bring people closer to God and foster a deeper connection with their faith. Our goal is to strengthen families through the teachings of the Bible. If you have any doubts about your salvation, reach out to us and we will gladly share God's plan with you.

Our mission is to spread the gospel and help individuals develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We are a welcoming community accepting of people from all walks of life who value spiritual, physical, and financial well-being, offering various ministries to support and care for our members.

Our commitment to preaching the Word of God remains steadfast, with a focus on sound doctrine and devotion to Jesus Christ. We believe in sharing the truth with love and grace, always striving to uplift and inspire and never to condemn.

Our motto reflects our dedication to being a place where healing and spiritual growth can begin.

Bishop Zamekio Jackson
Founding Shepherd
Dr Mischell Gee
Executive Pastor
Purple Gold Glitter Stars Happy Birthday
Deacon Noah Webster-McTaw
Media Director  
Michelle Holmes
Greeters Ministry Coordinator
Mother Vanetta Jackson
Chief Intercessory
Prayer Warrior
Dr. Vickie Jackson, Overseer
Operations Director
Sister Barbra Williams
Church Clerk & Trustee 
Minster Daphne Webster-McTaw
Praise & Worship Leader

Trustee Chairperson
IMG_8765 (1)_edited_edited.png
Shelia Seymore-Pennick
Health and Fitness
Ministry Coordinator
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